Monday, November 3, 2014

Ethan's StoryJumper

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kindness online by Ethan,Don,Dayton and Blaire

“May I have a turn please”? asked Dayton, “sure answered Ethan.

“How do you turn this computer on?” questioned Blaire, “here I will show you” Don said.

“Your work looks amazing” commented Don, “thank you very much” replied Dayton.

“I’m going to search pots to find ancient pots” Blaire said “Don’t search that, try to be a bit more specific, “try searching ancient pots” said Ethan.

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Best weekend ever

Biscuit ride
On Sunday my family and Nathans family went to the Waikato river for a biscuit ride. When we arrived both our families got straight into action on the boat. Nathan was the first person to take a ride on the biscuit. nathans Dad Russell told us the signals thumbs up was faster thumbs down was slower and hand across throat was cut.When Nathan was finished it was my turn my Dad tried to get me off but he failed.Finally it was time to go. Nathan and i took a ride back to base. But just as we started a wave the size of me hit us we went higher than Russells boat when we landed Nathan nearly fell off but i stayed on. After five minutes we were back at the boat ramp.

Chrome books

Today we made history. Everyone in Room 20 was overwhelmed .Every senior class was to get ten Chromebooks each. Mrs Hunt told us to line up outside the class.Then we went inside the hall. Mr  Kelly drew ten people from each class to carry a Chromebook well Mr Whatman gave party poppers out to the people who weren't  carrying a chromebook.


“You can do it!” Noah yelled as I slid down the waterslide.

On the other activities kids were yelling excitedly.

A long snaking waterslide lay in front of me.

My bones were shaking inside my body.

Was I going to do this or will I fail?

Butterflies were flying inside inside me.

How did the other kids do this?